The All-In-One Guide to Writing, Publishing, & Selling the Book of Your Dreams



I Will HelpYou
I'm on a mission to launch you forward into success and coach you through the finish line.

We'll Talk One-on-One

At three critical points in the book writing process, I will personally coach you over the phone.

No substitutes, no cookie-cutter answers.

You will be encouraged and challenged, making you a much better writer!

Begin With the End in Mind

You have particular goals and dreams for your book.

I will show you how to accomplish them in the way you write and position your book.

Your book is a beginning. You will discover so many more benefits than just book sales!

A Custom Plan for Success

This is not a one-size-fits-all program.

The content in this tool allows you to pick the best way to create your unique message.

Relax and be yourself. The world wants to hear what you have to say!

Finish Strong

You will go from a dream of being an author to actually becoming one.

You will complete your book faster than you think.

I will show you how to write a book that people will actually read. A book you will be proud to have written, one that will help people!


We hold nothing back and include everything you need to be successful.

The Ultimate Author Tool Manual:
This 164-page guide includes everything you need to know to write, publish, and sell the book of your dreams.

Also Included...

3 Phone Calls with John Mason:
John will consult with you personally over the phone, answering your questions, providing insight, and even giving you feedback on your book title. Yes, John himself!

$1,000 Printing Credit!
This is not a misprint. We are giving you a $1,000 credit at our publishing company toward the printing cost of your book.

7 Hours of Audio & Video:
Watch or listen on the go! Whether you are a visual or audio learner, John will coach you to have the right author mind-set, come up with a great title, find a winning book topic, optimize your writing, know the publishing dos and don'ts, implement proven marketing strategies, and more!

-- A Message from John Mason --

I'm going to share with you the secrets I've learned and the strategies that sell, plus a $1,000 credit toward the publishing of your book.

I'll answer your questions, encourage you past obstacles, provide specific direction, and help you with the all-important book title. You'll write faster, better, and with more results.

I'll take you from a dream to a destination.

By writing a book, I’ve made millions of dollars, helped millions of people, and I’ll show you how you can too. I know what it takes to be successful in writing, publishing, and selling. Now is the time to take action. Today is the day to begin.

What Leaders Are Saying About John Mason...

“It was a joy to work with John Mason on my latest book, 'Let’s Do Family Together'. He is very knowledgable about writing and publishing. A rare and valuable combination.”


Family counselor, speaker, and New York Times best-selling author. Founder of Smalley Relationship Center. His books have been featured on The Today Show, Oprah, Larry King Live, and many other TV shows, conferences, and events..

"I have found John Mason to be one of the most insightful and knowledgeable people in the publishing industry. His advice to me through the years has on every occasion proven true and prospered. I highly recommend his services."


Minister/Author of numerous national best-selling books.
Founder of Messenger International.

"John Mason is the most creative man I know. He will help you take your message and put it into a format that will effectively communicate and SELL!"



Attorney/Literary Agent,
Winters & King, Inc.
His clients include Joyce Meyer, T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, Ed Young Jr.,
Craig Groeschel, and many others.

Let Me Answer Your Questions

Nearly 7 Hours of Video and Audio Coaching

Answers to the 13 Most Commonly Asked Questions in Publishing.
You'll learn how to avoid the pitfalls that plague procrastinators; how to jump-start your mind into high gear; how to keep the creativity flowing, etc.

8 Reasons You Should Write Your Book Now - And the Significant Reasons Why.
Don't wait another minute!

How to Pick a Great Title. 40+ Proven Ways to Find a Best-selling Idea.
Great titles are one of my most favorite aspects of book coaching. Many books are bought on title alone.

And much, much more!

In my 30+ years' experience in the writing and publishing industry, I have seen a lot! Don't make the same mistakes failing authors make. I want to set you up to win, so I made these resources just for you. Don't miss out on this great package!

I have a once-in-a-lifetime offer for you...
I'll Personally Help You Write the Book of Your Dreams & Give You a $1,000 Printing Credit!

Get Started Today and You Will Learn...

✔️  6 ways to stop writer's block in its tracks
✔️  The 12 questions you must ask before you write a single word
✔️  13 significant reasons why you should write your book now
✔️  Over 40 proven strategies for finding a winning title, including secret words and phrases that sell

✔️  10 writing tips every best-selling author knows

✔️  10 techniques on how to have a great start to every chapter of your book

✔️  22 creative ideas to effectively publicize your book

✔️  The 6 most important techniques to discover a winning book topic

✔️  13 easy-to-implement methods to help you write better than you could ever imagine
✔️  How to publish and sell an e-book and promote it online via Amazon, your website, blog, and social media
✔️  15 strategies to garner influential endorsements
✔️  How to successfully navigate the rapidly changing publishing world

✔️  50 proven marketing methods to sell your book, starting today
✔️  5 proven ideas, plus 71 words to keep your reader engaged from point to point and from chapter to chapter

✔️  Incredible list of nearly 250 author resource contacts to help you with every part of writing and publishing your book (We include the real names!)

✔️  163 incredibly powerful words and phrases you can use in your writing to persuade the reader (Consistently used by best-selling authors and award-winning advertisers for decades)
✔️ And much, much more!


"After twenty years in book publishing, there are few people I know that have as good a feel for books as John Mason. John knows books, he understands issues, and he has a sense about what will make a book sell and how to craft and promote a title. He is a man of integrity and a lot of fun to work with. I have sought John’s advice many times and found him willing and wise."

Former Vice President,
Thomas Nelson Publishers.


"John Mason is an incredible book coach. His ideas are original, innovative, and highly effective. I wrote faster, better, and more focused than I ever have in my life. Through his approach we were able to create amazing topics and great chapter and book titles."


Dean of the School of Business. Oral Roberts University.

"Whether it’s consulting, editing, publishing, or getting exactly what you need to complete your book, John Mason and Insight Publishing is the best team to help you do just that! Thank you!"


Author of “Dr. Shannon Knows…the 12 Steps for Wellthy People" and #1 Amazon bestseller "Date Yourself Well".


The all-inclusive, A-to-Z guide for anyone who wants to write the book of their dreams and sell it everywhere they can! This 164-page manual covers what you need to know about writing, publishing, and selling your book.

You will learn:
- How you can start right where you are.
- You don’t have to be a "born writer” to write a
  best-selling book.
- A simple, easy-to-follow plan to help you write your  
- How to create an effective blueprint for your book.
- Identify the right topic and target audience.
- Discover many creative ways to write your book.
- Learn secrets of writing that best-selling authors know.
- Use powerful words and writing strategies that
  persuade your reader and keep them engaged.
- Create a manuscript that will be the very best you 
  can write.
- And much more!

You will learn:
- How to make the best decision on how and where to publish your book. 
- How to not waste money on ideas that don't work.
- Picking the right publishing partner--whether traditional or self-publishing--whichever is best for you.
- The best size, length, and format for your book.
- The steps you need to follow to publish a quality book.
- Answers to questions about agents, contracts, timeframes, e-books, and more.

You will learn:
- How to make your book more marketable…as you write.
- Ways to garner effective local and national publicity.
- Over 50 proven methods to sell your physical and electronic book.
- The dos and don'ts of marketing: Methods that work and common ideas that don't.
- Proven approaches to sell and market your book used by successful authors today.

A handy step-by-step manual that includes everything you need to know about writing, publishing, and selling successful books.


John Mason is the coach the best of the best turn to.

John Mason is a national best-selling author, minister, executive author coach and noted speaker.  He’s the founder and president of Insight International and Insight Publishing Group; organizations dedicated to helping people reach their dreams and fulfill their God-given destiny.

He has authored eighteen books including An Enemy Called Average, You’re Born an Original-Don’t Die a Copy, Let Go of Whatever Makes You Stop, and Know Your Limits-Then Ignore Them which have sold nearly two million copies and are translated into thirty languages throughout the world.

His books are widely respected as a source of godly wisdom, scriptural motivation, and practical principles. His writings have twice been published in Reader’s Digest along with numerous other national publications. Six of his books have reached the #1 spot on Amazon best-seller lists.

Along the way, John has been the head of three national publishing companies as well as a Vice President of Thomas Nelson Publishers (Harper Collins), the largest Christian publisher.

Known for his quick wit, powerful thoughts and insightful ideas, he is a popular speaker across the U.S. and around the world.

(918) 493-1718

Don't die with your dream still inside of you.

If you are serious about writing a book, take advantage of this great opportunity.

Act now and finish the book of your dreams!
Don't procrastinate any longer.

There are a limited number of people John can personally coach, so you must act soon in order to secure your spot with this insightful and knowledgeable best-selling author, publisher, and book coach!